guest post 1: jack smith

‘i sat with the kid i tutor, preverbal ASD, ADHD, mitochondrial disorders etc etc etc and less than that and he just laughed for hours. i gave him lunch and tried to play with him (blasting 70’s pop tunes at ear-piercing volume and me covering my ears like he does when he knows he done something wrong, screaming and he screams with joy) then the fire alarm goes off cause the sausages have burnt a little too much and we jump up he’s got his hands over his ears laughing while i try to open the windows and fan the smoke and i freak for a little cause i’m the responsible one who’s fucked up and then with him i laugh we laugh at me and it aint constuctive p-stage key stage xyz play so much as us looking into each others faces and i have no idea what he sees but he’s smiling an inch from my smile and they tell me “they say you shouldn’t use metaphors with autistics” but later when i move my finger close to his face and touch the cheek and scream like a smoke alarm he sits and giggles before ignoring me for an hour and walking about the house chuckling and if i try to get involved he pushes me away and i love it i love his joy.’

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